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RiDoc is a Document Imaging Software.

RiDoc scans documents

RiDoc is a Document Imaging Software.

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What is document imaging software?

RiDoc is a Document Imaging Software for scanning paper documents and getting images of documents from a scanner.

With Ridoc, you can scan paper documents and reduces the electronic document or image files size without decreasing of image quality. Such optimization of the size of graphic files saves disk space up to 80%.

With RiDoc, you can easy save images of documents on your PC with help tehnology "QuickFolders".

With help virtual printer RiDoc you can save a document to another format such as BMP (JPEG, PNG, PDF) a file.

Use RiDoc when you want to:

  • Getting the document electronic version from a scanner.
  • Batch scanning.
  • Saving documents images in graphic format (bmp,jpeg,png, TIFF (multipage mode)).
  • Scan paper documents into Word and PDF.
  • Scan paper documents into printer, email.
  • Virtual printer RiDoc.

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Watch as the RiDoc scans documents

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