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RiDoc is a Images to PDF Converter.

RiDoc scans documents

RiDoc is a Scanner Software and Image to PDF Converter

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How to Scan a Document into PDF Format?

RiDoc is a universal utility to scan documents and batch convert files images TIFF, BMP, JPEG, PNG into PDF document .

  • step#1: Put document face-down on the scanner. Scan the document using RiDoc
  • step#2: execute operation "Assembly" to optimize (reduce) the size of the scanned image using RiDoc.
  • step#3: save scanned documents in PDF file.

How to Convert PDF to JPEG (TIFF, BMP, PNG)?

  • step#1: Open your pdf document using Adobe Acrobat
  • step#2: Send to print a pdf document using Adobe Acrobat (items "File"-"Print"; "Printer Name" choice "RiDoc" and click button 'Ok')
  • step#3: Adobe Acrobat send your document to print. Virtual printer RiDoc convert your document pages into image files and optimize (reduce) in size.
  • step#4: Save image files using RiDoc.

More about RIDoc:

Watch as the RiDoc scans documents

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